Fremantle events this year

Zonita Community Cinema currently runs a 9-show schedule for the local folk of Ampthill and surrounding villages, plus plans for up to 4 shows per year going forward with Fremantle-MacIntyre-Leonard Cheshire, based at Parkside Hall. Whilst Zonita already has a fantastic group of volunteers to help on the day plus behind the scenes, there is an opportunity to support our cause. (If you're interested in getting involved, email us at the address below; we'd love to to hear from you.)

Out first Fremantle event, Singalong-a-Mamma-Mia, was last September. Click here to read all about it, see more photos, and find out a lot more about the Fremantle Trust.

Below is a slide show of some pictures from our recent July showing (Singalong-a-Grease), which had around 120 attendees---a fantastic evening all round. We hope to host another event later this year.