We're back!

Folks, we are delighted to be back with our first screening of the season at Parkside Hall on Saturday 11th September (evening only). And as you might expect, we are implementing a number of measures to keep people as safe as possible when returning.

We hope you enjoy our Autumn season of films!

Change of email address

You may or may not be aware that we have recently had problems with our email system, and missed some bookings for the February showing. As a result, we've decided to move the Zonita email address to a more reliable one, at zonitacinema@gmail.com. You can also send email to the Zonita's Facebook email address: zonita.ampthill@gmail.com. The old info@zonita.org.uk address may still work for now, and will still be shown on posters for a while, but we ask that you use the new address when reserving tickets and tables from now on.

Largest ever turnout for Fisherman's Friends

We had our largest ever audience last night, for the showing of Fisherman's Friends. Thanks to all who came along, and a very big thanks to the Sloop Groggy Dogs for putting on a great show! They very kindly donated their time and singing skills for free, instead having a collection for the RNLI.


Here's a small sample of the music they played that night, recorded by Ian Jenks, one of our volunteers: