Zonita Community Cinema is run by us volunteers, and we are always happy to have more of them!

  • On film days, there's work to be done setting up the hall in the morning: setting out chairs and tables, positioning speakers on the stage, laying out food and drink behind the bar. And, of course, restoring the hall in the evening.
  • Before a film, we need people to sell tickets and generally present a friendly face to movie-goers.
  • During films, we need people behind the bar to serve customers. Oh, and someone to run the projector!
  • In advance of film days, we also need people to put up posters and collect supplies for the bar.

If you can help with one or more of these things, and would like to volunteer (or just find out about what's involved) you can contact us via email or simply turn up at Parkside Hall around 11:30am on a film day and introduce yourself. We'll be in the main hall setting things up.

To give us an idea of who will be around to help out on the next film day, we run an online poll. Each session is divided into four time slots:

  • 11am to 1pm (setting everything up)
  • 1pm to 4pm (the matinee showing)
  • 6pm to 9pm (the evening showing)
  • 9pm to 10pm (putting everything away again)