Change of email address

You may or may not be aware that we have recently had problems with our email system, and missed some bookings for the February showing. As a result, we've decided to move the Zonita email address to a more reliable one, at You can also send email to the Zonita's Facebook email address: The old address may still work for now, and will still be shown on posters for a while, but we ask that you use the new address when reserving tickets and tables from now on.

Advance tickets almost gone

Just to let you know, advance ticket sales for the Armistice 100 showing are almost gone now---we're down to the last 10. There will be limited tickets available on the door.

We feel very privileged to be one of only 11 selected cinemas nationally to be screening the Burying Party.

Armistice 100 price is back to £5!

We're pleased to announce that, because of the huge demand for 10th November Armistice 100 tickets, we have reduced the admission price to the standard £5 again. Also, to cater for the increased demand we won't be putting out tables for this event, so table reservations won't be available. Sorry about that!